Redeeming Coupons

This is how you use a coupon code:

  • Choose your favorite products and add them to your shopping cart.
  • When you’re done shopping, click on the shopping cart button and then on "Checkout".
  • In the checkout area, enter your promo or coupon code into the field on the top right.
  • If you’re using a mobile device, the input field is directly under the email address.
  • If the promo or coupon code has already been activated, "Coupon code active" is displayed above the input field of the code.
  • If no promo or coupon code has been activated yet, enter the code, confirm with Enter or change to the next input field.

Coupon types:

Promo code

You will receive a promo code from Spreadshirt as part of a discount promotion, for example on Spreadshirt’s coupons and discounts page.

Coupon code

A coupon code is charged with credit. You receive it either as a gift certificates or as store credit from our Customer Service. You can use it in addition to a discount code and as often as you like until it’s used up.

Coupons found on other sites

If you find a promo code on another site such as RetailMeNot, it’s possible that these codes are no longer active. These codes are posted by a third party, not by our company. Therefore, if you try to use the code and it doesn’t work, there’s a chance that it has expired or the code does not apply to the basket.

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